Friday, 21 February 2014

Cheating on blogger with Wordpress!!

It had to happen, sooner or later something shinier (and easier to make look pretty!) comes along and momentarily seduces us away.

That's why non existent readers, I am defecting over to Wordpress for a while. I might be back, I might not!!

In case you're interested, my blog can now also be found at

Maybe see you over there!!!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bangkok street food and nibble vendors!

One of the commonest sights in Bangkok, apart from the endless massage shops, are the proliferation of street food sellers.

On every street in long, steaming, fragrant lines, hidden beneath underpasses, knocking on your car window, running up to your tuc tuc, squeezed into every conceivable nook and cranny you will find them.

Whether it is selling fresh fruit juices of every colour and flavour to oddly shaped meat items of dubious origins.

Wherever you look there will be someone selling something! Here's a man with lucky piggy banks, I know you can't eat them but his smiley face deserves inclusion!

A traditional method of carrying your wares is demonstrated by this seller working the amulet market close to Wat Pho.

Suspicious faces mirror my thoughts on what they are selling. . . .

Pad Thai, the traditional, iconic dish of the nation is advertised on this make shift stall.

Tiny boiled quail eggs make a mini mouthful while jewel bright juices tempt a thirsty, hot tourist.

You will never go hungry in Thailand, and with mere pocket change you can eat like a king!

Gorgeous Chinese temple architecture in Bangkok

As you mosey around the tiny hidden back streets of Chinatown you can't help but virtually trip over ornate temples. Whether they are peeping from courtyards or standing bolshie and brash on the street corner.

Chinese temples host a wealth of decorative flourishes, from the detailed painting on the entrance gates to the exquisite, fantastical roof tableaux with dragons, flowers, waves and overwhelming colours.

Every inch of these places of contemplation is smothered in colourful, meaningful decoration.

Huge demon warriors watch over the faithful as well as glaring at snap happy tourists.

Temples are always some of my favourite photo opportunities.

Monday, 17 February 2014

A final few snaps from China town

Dried orange slices are bagged up and ready for cooking with.

Incense sticks are just some of the colourful items on sale in Chinatown

 Street food is so fresh it is still sizzling (or growing)

Not sure what these pink and white boobies actually are?!!!

Gorgeous Chinese new year decorations are heaped up in garish, shiny, glittery piles - heaven!!

Neil getting grumpy until he spots the coffee stall . . .

More piles of exotic dried goods.

More colourful chaos in the Chinatown markets

A pictorial romp through a few more markets in Chinatown. Everything is on sale, here's coils of colourful wiring.

Some rather hideous water features . . . each to their own I guess!!

Everyday essentials from air conditioning fans to key cutting can be found on the hot, frenetic streets.

I think these are rice steamers. Anyone else got any ideas?

Colourful piles of juicy fruits tempt the weary hot traveller . . .

Yaowaraj / China Town and a multitude of markets

First hopping off point of our Chao Phraya river cruise was Rajchawong Pier, this is the easiest pier for reaching Yaowaraj - China Town.

This fascinating area is a labyrinth of side streets, markets and stalls, selling everything from fresh fish, fruit and veg to all manner of dried meat and fish, dodgy sex toys, bike wheels, clothing, electrical items - in short anything you could ever want or need!!

Amazing jewellery store . . . so many many shiny things!

Unidentified frying food at some of the many many street food sellers

Neil is a little bewildered by the plethora of colourful tat!

Bags of beads, sequins, buttons and bows. A little girl's dream!!!

Mobile porn stall! Not entirely sure if David is the stall holder's name or its target audience. . .  amusingly it is my dad's name however  . .

Selection of fresh food, from jewel bright pomegranates to a heap of slippery meaty stuff! Might be gizzards, liver, tripe . . who on earth knows!!!!!

Next up - more shots from our whistle stop tour of the river piers.